Several years ago, when I was nearing a "milestone birthday" and working at a job that I knew wouldn't be around much longer, I consciously made the decision to try two new activities -- kayaking and photography.  And while these days my kayak spends most of its time in storage, my cameras and lenses have an entire kitchen cabinet devoted to them for easy access.  Early on I fell in love with abstract photos I saw online from the Palouse region in southeast Washington State.  It took six years and some courage on my part to travel alone to Washington to capture the beautiful rolling landscape sometimes referred to as the American Tuscany. 
Since that trip, I have grown an changed as a photographer.  I'm a better technician -- but more importantly a better artist. In addition to landscape photography, I create flower portraits, photograph small things, and create composites  (images made from other images).
And while my images span the spectrum of realistic to purely imaginative, most convey a feeling of peace and solitude -- with an occasional  sprinkle of whimsy.  
I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it.
photo by Benjamin Williamson  
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